•  Lobsters and Jellyfish (among other species) are biologically immortal. They only die if injured or diseased.
  • George Perec wrote a whole book without the letter “e” (one of the most common letter in French) called La Disparition.
  • Einstein reportedly said to his first wife : “I promise you neither intimacy nor fidelity”. He also cheated on both his wives with more than 10 women and even wrote a misogynistic manifesto!
  • In 1958, Ford Motor Company designed a nuclear-powered car dubbed “The Ford Nucleon”.
  • The Quark, a fundamental particle, owes its spelling to James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Murray Gell-mann, who had the pronunciation in mind, couldn’t choose a spelling until he read the following passage from Joyce’s work: “Three quarks for Muster Mark!/Sure he has not got much of a bark/And sure any he has it’s all beside the mark.”
  • The famous French dramatist Cyrano “Big Nose” de Bergerac wrote some of the earliest works of science fiction, including concepts such as : space travel, moon-landings, etc.

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