Scattered Bits

  • Shadows can move faster than light (this does not violate any “law of physics” because shadows transfer neither energy nor matter).
  • Ludwig van Beethoven was not the only composer struck by deafness (and who still composed afterwards) : the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana also lost his hearing between September and October of 1874, ten years prior to his demise. Additionally, in the last movement of his String Quartet No. 1–dubbed “From My Life“–  the first violin sustains a harmonic  E, reminiscent of the ringing in his ear that forebode his deafness (the ringing was really a chord in A) .
  •  “Madam I am Adam. Able was I ere I saw Elba” are two palindromes, so is the third movement from Hayden’s Symphony No. 47,  Alban Berg’s Lulu, and many of Anton Webern’s compositions.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach used to subtly sign his work with the following sequence of notes : Sib-La-Do-Si (French Nomenclature) or B-A-C-H (German Nomenclature). There are also other similar motifs such as : DSCH (Dmitri Schostakovich), SACHER  hexachord (Paul Sacher; it was used  in twelve compositions by various 20th century composers (12 Hommages à Paul Sacher)).

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