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Sexy Prime (Numbers)

They’re sexy, they’re quirky, they  come in pairs and wouldn’t mind a threesome either, they’re Sexy Primes! Now, before you get the impression that I publish some kind of an unorthodox display of coitus-ridden innuendos and inappropriate shenanigans, I’d like to say that “sexy” here derives from the Latin word “sex” meaning the number “six”. And yes, they do come in pairs, triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets. So what are sexy primes? It’s so simple that you’d…  : they are prime numbers that differ from one another by six.

Examples of sexy prime :

  • Pairs : (5,11), (7,13), (11,17), (13,19), (17,23) etc. ;
  • Triplets : (7,13,19), (17,23,29), (31,37,43) etc. ;
  • Quadruplets : (5,11,17,23), (11,17,23,29), (41,47,53,59) etc. ;
  • Quintuplets : there is only one possible quintuplet : (5,11,17,23,29) and that’s it!

There are also “Twin Primes” that differ by 2, “Cousin Primes” that differ by 4.