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The Probable Origins of “Amy Farrah Fowler”

All of The Big Bang Theory fans know that some characters from the show borrow their names from actual people. For example “Leonard Hofstadter” is derived from Sheldon Leonard (actor/producer) and Robert Hofstadter (Physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate) while “Sheldon Cooper” is also derived from Sheldon Leonard and another Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics: Leon Cooper. The names are thus combinations of “Acting” and “Science”. But how about “Amy Farrah Fowler”? Does it have an origin in reality, or is it just another random quirky name?

The “Brain-Eating Amoeba”

Recently, while doing a little research about epidemics and diseases, I stumbled upon an article about an AMOEBA called N. FOWLERI (It was named after Physician M.Fowler)… AMY Farrah FOWLER… ¬†Am I the only one who hears the phonetic similarity? In addition, this amoeba is nicknamed “the brain-eating amoeba” (for obvious reasons), and we all know how enticing a disease ridden brain is for good old Amy. Well, that covers the “Science” part of the equation, how about the “Acting”? To be honest, I’m not sure, but Farrah Fawcett seems like a good candidate for the part. Why you ask? Well, the fact that Amy is (physically speaking) Fawcett’s diametric opposite adds to her comicality and to the many contrasts of her personality.

In conclusion, all of this is nothing but hypothetical since none of the show’s producers, directors, writers etc. has ever mentioned any origin to Amy’s name. But still, there’s no harm in musing about it!